2018-11-28 11:45


/ enpproperty -In order to further arouse the upsurge in the air defense system, Xue Yiqiang, a member, deputy director Secretary of the CPC Committee of the Provincial Civil Air Defense Office, led officials to carry out a large-scale propaga campaign in Longyan City on October 24.All t龙岩市百姓防空办公室干部职工参与了漫谈会和张扬活泼。



Xue Yiqiang, on the basis of the national security concept put forward by the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC, briefly analyzed the current situation in Taiwan clarified the special strategic position of civil air defense in Fujian. He hoped that everyone would follow General Secretary Xi Jinping's decision at the Seventh National Civil Air Defense Conference that civil air defense is a major event, a national strategy a new orientation of long-term strategy.Jiao's construction of a strong consolidated modern civil air defense system has created a new goal of an indestructible shield for the people, focusing on stability efficiency, strengthening the construction of comm system; focusing on actual combat needs, strengthening the construction of protection system; focusing on sensitivity reliability, strengthening the construction of communication information system; focusing on being competent hard-working, strengthening the construction of civil air defense professional teamWe should constantly enhance the core capability of civil air defense struggle.At the same time, we should demonstrate the new achievements of civil air defense in promoting the development of civil-military integration, pay attention to planning integration, construction integration service integration, ensure the successful completion of the tasks provincial committees entrusted by the Central Committee of the Party, the State Council the Central Military Commission with civil air defense in wartime, peacetime service emergency support.The provincial government's decision deployment.

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